About All4Strings


Private music lessons & continuous enrolment group programs for all ages, are now available in Amsterdam at the Uke Boutique. Always accepting new students ages 2 to 102!

Mrs. Candace Bloom is certified Suzuki Talent Education Specialist with 25 years teaching experience in and out of public and private school programs in the USA.  Forever committed to community music programs, Mrs. Bloom has served on the Board of the Pan American Symphony, Suzuki Association of South Florida and the Greater Hollywood Philharmonic Orchestra for over two decades, writing grants for programs and teaching hundreds of music students in her South Florida community. She has served on Staff of Florida Youth Orchestra for 15 years where she founded their inner city string program.

UKULELE BEGINNINGS In the Amsterdam schools

Many schools in the USA, Canada and UK, offer Ukulele as an alternative for the recorder, and inevitably more gratifying for the student.  Ms. Bloom came here from the start with the same initiative to bring awareness of the benefits of early music playing with an emphasis on the Ukulele. By offering on and offsite 10 week teacher training programs with hope of providing the equipment and workshops to the schools in Amsterdam, through the Uke Boutique..Ms. Bloom has a lot of experience setting up string programs and the equipment, and can provide ongoing teacher training and motivational Ukeshops for your students and to your teachers.

Candace’s mission it to get 20 PRIMARY school classroom teachers to take UKULELE BEGINNINGS class at the UKE Boutique and get 12 budget, and fully adjusted ukeleles for the classroom and see where it goes..

Ms. Bloom relocated to Holland in 2010, and operates All4Strings, a brand new Talent Education Academy here in Amsterdam at the Uke Boutique
As a working visual Artist and Folk/Classical Musician, Ms.Candace  Bloom has been teaching, performing, and showing professionally as a native of South Florida since 1981. Candace now hopes to continue teaching while developing, professionally as well as initiating more Arts 4 Life education here in Amsterdam. She can be found most days playing ukulele and making her Crazy Orphelia creatures that are for sale and on display at the Uke Boutique

This early childhood violin group class meets every every Wednesday morning 11AM at the Uke Boutique. Stop by during opening hours to meet the instructor, or email for an appointment to observe & discuss as enrolment involves some initial orientation. This Early Chidlhood Music course offering includes  FREE Fractional violin rental included in tuition.  Ages 2 – 4 accompanied by care giver.

€135 Every 5 sessions with a €135 non refundable & (last subscription) registration fee, with each subscription good for one year. Private lessons can be scheduled through the Uke Boutique and are the same price when Wednesday 11AM /Group. Note: Private lessons for this age last maximum 30 minutes.

This is the Uke Boutique’s basic quickstart Strippenkaart to jumping on the Ukulele Bandwagon and making music.

Class schedule & reservation system online for your convenience

€135 subscription for combination of private or group lessons reserved online with one year expiration. Primary and Special ed teachers please ask about special FREE Ukulele with lesson subscription limited offer..

Virtual Music Lessons available upon request                                                                                         €135 for 5 virtual one to one lessons with one year subscription

Uke Players and singers please join Candace now as members of the Ukulele Club of Amsterdam where up to 6 worldwide players can unite regularly in Amsterdam’s Uke Boutique with members of the Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam. Remember to reserve your space for these cozy, Wednesday mini-meets as space is limited to 8. Time 19:30 – 21:30 reservations close at 15:30.

Candace Bloom is now fully dedicated to community intergenerational music programming, from early childhood education programming, senior programs, private lessons, parties, corporate team building Ukeshops.  Offsite Satellite subscription or Ukeshop offers available upon request, for school or corporate.

Ms. Bloom is also, a member of NHIMA, an international organisation for music participation that encourages adults to enjoy the benefits of music lessons, and ensemble participation. Meeting  and playing music with new people and musicians at any level. More on this to come, stay tuned.